Yes. The Preserve will have a homeowner’s association and covenants. However, we want to provide our members with flexibility when constructing their homes, so there will be an approval process for deviations from some covenant requirements.

Right now, houses should be constructed from stone, stucco, wood, and partiboard.

Garages should be at the back or side entrance.

All home designs will need to be approved before construction can begin.

For Waterfront Homes
All waterfront homes will need to have at least 2750 square feet of heated and cooled floor space.

For Other Homes
All other homes must have at least 2500 square feet of heated and cooled floor space.

Multi-Story Homes
Multi-story homes must abide by the above requirements. Additionally, the first floor of the home must contain at minimum 65% of the floor space stated in those requirements.

Broadband services will be in the area this time next year. You can scan the QR code on this flyer and it will take you directly to electric and broadband links.

You’re free to choose your own builder. We want our members to love their homes, and the best way to do that is to pick a builder whose work you love.

Any realtor is free to sell lots at The Preserve. Pick one that you’ve used before or enjoy working with.

Yes. We’ll need to see your home plans to approve them before you start construction to ensure homes work with the lot you’ve purchased.

Building Materials & Architectural Regulations

Setback Restrictions

No home may be constructed closer than 25’ to the back lot line.

No improvements may be closer than 10’ to any property line on the lot.

New Materials

All materials used for exterior construction should be new unless the ACC approves the use of other materials.

No fabricated, modular, or preerected homes are allowed.

Exterior Walls

The exterior walls must be masonry, stucco, redwood, cedar, stone, Hardie Board, brick veneer, siding made of vinyl or cement, or wood/wood siding covered in at least 2 coats of paint.

This doesn’t apply to foundations, detached garages, gables, windows, door frames & openings, and doors.


Roofs may be constructed of anodized aluminum, concrete or clay tiles, slate, fiberglass or asphalt architectural shingles with a 30-year warranty, or other non-reflective material materials.

Roofs may not be constructed from corrugated steel, tin, cedarwood shingles, or combustible material.

All roofs must have a minimum 8 in 12 pitch.

Swimming Pools

No above-ground pools are allowed in The Preserve. Every pool must be surrounded by a fence at least 6 feet tall which is to remain locked.